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What is Mediacrypto?

We are a marketing agency dedicated exclusively to the crypto market.

As industry experts we are aware of the potential of this market, and also of the problems involved in launching a web3 project, that is why we have developed the necessary strategies to enhance your company within this sector.

We have several tools, from influencer marketing, listings on exchanges, smart contract auditing, regulation, press and media plans, SEO, web design, social media verification...

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Our Services


Marketing digital

Influencer Marketing

We have a large community of web3 influencers, especially in Spain and Latin America to promote your services. 

Together with them we can design a tailor-made media plan that fits your needs to increase the exposure of your project.


The SEO team will analyze the initial situation and design a specific plan for the project with the objective of positioning the website for the most relevant keywords in the sector that can generate business and brand image.

Web Development & Branding

We develop your website from 0 according to the needs of your product, with professional designs and brand image. 

Customized designs will be created and adapted to the values and essence of the brand, establishing a unique visual style creating a unique brand image with disruptive designs that attract the attention of the audience and potential customers, both on websites and RRSS.

Paid Media

We designed a Paid Media strategy to increase the reach and recognition of the brand and expand the community. 

For this we use different SEM strategies, Youtube Ads, TikTok Ads, and Facebook Ads.

Social Media

We will take care of managing your social networks and publish content at the times of greatest interaction by the community and interact with followers by answering questions, comments on publications and also making calls to action through valuable content. 

Monthly reports will be made with relevant learnings for analysis to ensure constant growth of the social channels.

We are your Expert Agency
in the Spanish-speaking market

A gigantic opportunity in the cryptocurrency market

0 %

Of all cryptocurrency use in LATAM comes from Brazil and Colombia.

Latin American countries lead the crypto sector in the Spanish-speaking market.

+ 0 M
+ 0 M

Of Spanish speakers own Cryptocurrencies.

4 out of 10

Young Spaniards are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies.

0 %
Of growth in interest in cryptocurrencies in one year.



Battle Hero


Battle Hero


Media / Press

From Media Power we will advise
to the brand to improve its
presence in the media

We will manage the communication of
strategically based on
the needs of the moment.

Media Plan

Media plan (including articles on current issues).

Press clipping.

Press kit (text development and layout up to 20 pages).

Personalized and segmented mailing to journalists, media and news agencies.

Writing or review of your content by a journalist of our team. And much more.

Press Office

Development of content in different formats: text, photography, audio or video.

Management of interventions in opinion articles and communication in RRSS.

Selection of the most appropriate media to transmit the brand's character.

Communication and crisis management, selecting the messages to share and the strategic moment.

Strategies Paid Media

Social Ads


YouTube Ads

Listing Exchange

Crypto Services


We help you to raise capital for your crypto project, and to leverage any cryptocurrency thanks to great influences in the crypto sector.


We have specialists who audit the Smart Contracts of your crypto project, we make sure that the contracts are correct and we make a report.

Design collection NFT

We design your NFT collection from 0, we have expert designers who will create custom designs according to the theme of this.

Services Exclusive

Verification in networks

Ofrecemos ayuda en la verificacion de redes sociales como Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Tiktok y Youtube.

Physical promotion

We promote your project physically in any city, from billboards to big screens, even in Times Square.

OTC sales

We offer secondary markets for the sale of your tokens to off-market third parties, to help you with the financing of your project.

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